It Don’t Come Easy….

If you read any of the music industry trade publications, you know that 2007 was a terrible year for CD sales.  Stores like Wal-Mart and Best Buy are devoting less shelf space to music product because there’s less demand, and they can use that space for more profitable items.

But now, it’s not just the music press that’s weighing in on the woes of the music industry.  More and more mainstream publications have picked up on the story.  My friend Larry Pareigis from Nine North Records tipped me to an article in this week’s The Economist magazine.  You can check out the story here.   

There are two ways you can look at this story.  It’s either the worst time to be involved in the music business or the best time.  It’s all up to you!  There are still ways to get your music heard.  But for the first time, perhaps ever, we don’t need to listen to people tell us “that this is the way it’s always been done”.  It’s a whole new ballgame.  And it’s time for the old rule books to be thrown away!


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